A simple blood draw can help clinicians
to guide therapy decisions.

Comprehensive Genomic Profiling with a simple blood draw with an easy to interpret report.

Blood Sample

2x 10 ml tubes of blood

7 days

Comprehensive genomic
profiling results in
only 7 days

Take action

Clinically relevant
in 70+ cancer related genes.

For patients with advanced solid tumour cancers.

  • Before 1st Line Treatment

    Get ahead of the challenges of tissue testing in
    advanced cancer by utilizing Guardant360® to guide
    1st line treatment decisions.

  • At Progression

    Get genomic information on over 70+ genes, including MSI
    across multiple solid tumors to help inform cancer therapies and
    clinical trials.

Published data

Prospective study of 323 NSCLC patients found
Guardant360® improved alteration detection

were unable to get complete
genomic results from tissue biopsy
had targetable alterations detected
by Guardant360® and tissue testing
(n=82) versus tissue testing
alone (n=47)
treated based on Guardant360® had a response or stable disease

Did you know?

Guardant Health offers the Guardant Health Portal app for healthcare professionals to track, access and download Guardant Health reports.

  • Easily search, sort, and review reports
  • On-call support for healthcare
    professionals and patients

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Consistently High
Concordance with Tissue

for targetable alterations before 1st NSCLC

Consistently High
Concordance with Tissue

  • Best-in-class detection
  • Extensively peer reviewed and published
  • Published analytical and clinical validation (refs)
  • Over 150 peer reviewed publications, more than 50 of which include associated clinical outcomes

Tissue has limitations beyond your control!

  • Treatment delays
    Results can be unpredictable, may take a month or longer, and can be incomplete
  • Insufficient availability of tissue
    Exhausted by diagnostic needs and PD-L1 testing
  • Patient burden
    Repeated tissue biopsies expose patients to potential adverse events
  • Practice/staff burden
    Significant coordination involving multiple care team members

Relying solely on tissue can lead to undergenotyping

~ 1 in 2 NSCLC patients are unable to get
guideline-recommended genes for NSCLC2-6


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